How Can I Buy the Indicator?

Both the indicator and the mentoring come as one package and the link to sign up is at the top of the page. It includes lifetime mentoring and upgrades.

Does It Work on All Products/Time-Frames?

Because momentum and price patterns are universal the indicator works across different products, including Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities. But we have our preferences, just as we do for brokers. And because we don't want you to be a screen-slave we prefer some time frames over others.

How Do I Know What to Trade?

The indicator software scans the market. We can set it up for you. It then displays signals, which can be sent to you as alerts. Our preference is you scan your focused instruments and do not chase the market. We will show you how.

Is it suitable for Beginners?

The courses are optional. You don't have to do them. But they are very good for beginners. Our new hedge fund hires use them. Alpesh updates them regularly.

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